It’s exciting to work with partners who share my twin passions; the bike and living life to the full off it. Together, we #liveslowridefast


The world's leading cycling magazine.

As someone who enjoys life off the bike as well as being a world class rider, Laurens ten Dam is the perfect editor-in-chief for a magazine that also tackles hot topics such as ‘the best BBQ recipes’ and ‘the most delicious peanut butter varieties’. His inside knowledge and hunger for new horizons gives us the fast track on the latest trends - gravel racing - and hotspots - Red Hook crits - and helps us stay ahead of the competition. Laurens is also a wonderful storyteller; the most endearing leading man the Bicycling team could wish for.


Clothing brand driven by the love for the Velo and the Race.

Despite being one of the most seasoned riders of the Pro peloton, cycling clearly isn’t ‘just a job˜ for Laurens. He loves it, he loves to race, loves the bike and after all the hard work is done he loves to enjoy himself. It’s exactly this attitude that we at La Machine - like a lot of our customers - appreciate and recognise. It’s a shared passion which makes up for a strong, successful and fun partnership.


BBQ's for the patio, garden, camping & caravanning. 

As well as being a pro cyclist, it's well known Laurens loves a BBQ. It all started 10 years ago with a Cadac Safari in his camper van; the essential BBQ en route. 

Cadac and Laurens share some of the same passions. A love of travel, adventure and great healthy food! Enough reasons to start a lasting collaboration and we are proud to welcome Laurens as an ambassador of Cadac BBQ's. With this partnership we want to show the world that you can be a professional athlete and still enjoy a great and healthy BBQ, the Cadac way!


GrainLabs – powered by de Bisschopsmolen

The partnership between Laurens and GrainLabs started at de Bisschopsmolen, 100% spelt bakery in Maastricht.

De Bisschopsmolen is the first 100% spelt bakery in the Netherlands and we bake solely with natural, regional ingredients in an artisanal way. In 2017 De Bisschopsmolen founded GrainLabs, an expertise center regarding all things grains. GrainLabs creates innovative, healthy grain-based recipes, because we believe grains are an important part of a nutritious diet. GrainLabs has partnerships with athletes, scientists, food experts and farmers, to share knowledge, bring innovative ideas to life and make incredibly tasty dishes! Most importantly, what connects us is that we both love great tasting food.

Together with Laurens, we fuel success!